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Diabetes kidney disease
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The Early Warning Signal in Diabetic Nephropathy: Lower Limb Edema

2014-09-10 18:37

We often heard some diabetes said, they walked more, and the leg is edema until night. In fact, this kind edema probably is cause of Diabetic Nephropathy, but because of there is no obvious discomfort and symptoms, so many diabetes will easily to ignore this Nephrotic edema.

Leg edema is the early warning signal in diabetic Nephropathy, but it does have other diseases, such as heart failure, liver failure or poor kidney function, etc. will also cause lower extremity edema. If the edema is not in accordance with this order, we should go to other sections clear condition.

From a clinical point of view, no matter what type of diabetes, the incidence of diabetic Nephropathy have increased with the duration of the extension, duration of more than five years, the incidence of diabetic Nephropathy will reach about 50%. Therefore, even in diabetic patients with normal renal function, no clinical manifestations, the year should be microalbuminuria, urine and kidney function tests. If the eyelid or lower extremity edema before there is even more should attract attention, to go to the hospital immediately conduct a detailed examination of early diabetic Nephropathy in renal function changes, and immediately adjust the treatment plan, try to choose without renal metabolism of oral hypoglycemic agents or insulin treatment.

Of course, while diabetic Nephropathy is very common, but people with diabetes are not necessarily change the kidney caused by diabetes, so people with diabetes appeared proteinuria, should further the cause of the swelling after diagnosis in order to choose the right treatment. If you want to know more information of diabetic nephropathy treatment, plz email to: kidneyhospital-china@hotmail.com .

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