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Diabetes kidney disease
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How to Avoid Kidney Failure with Diabetic Kidney Disease

2016-05-03 10:34

According to the latest survey, about 30%-35% people with diabetes can experience kidney damage. Due to inadequate secretion of insulin and glucose and lipid metabolism disorder, the glomerular capillary endothelial cells will be damaged, if not controlled, other renal structures like glomerulus and interstitial will be affected.

As the pathological process is latent and there are usually no symptoms in the early stage, the best treatment period can be delayed. Once it progress into permanent proteinuria, 50% patients will experience kidney failure within 10 years.

With early detection and timely treatment, Diabetic Kidney Disease patients can expect to avoid kidney failure and live a good, long life.

By taking steps toward healthy living, patients who have been diagnosed of 51% kidney function and Diabetes can slow down the progression of the disorder and protect the residual renal capacity. Helpful tips may include:

- Eat a proper daily meal plan by following the dietitian's instructions;

- Maintain a healthy weight, and lose weight if necessary;

- Control the blood sugar level well and regulate the blood pressure level;

- Be physically active by taking regular exercises;

- Don't smoke and don't drink alcohol at all.

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