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Diabetes kidney disease
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Informations About Kidney Failure Caused by Diabetes

More Informs about Treatment on PKD with Stage 3 Kidney Failure

In western medical filed, surgery seems the only one way for PKD patients to slow down illness progression. Moreover, once patients suffer from high creatinine level, dialysis seems the unique method to help patients to maintain their life. Due to their d...more

The Best Course of Action to Treat GFR 34 and Creatinine 2.06

Decreasing GFR level and increasing creatinine level are the two common signs of kidney disease. Both of them mean the kidney is unable to work normally. Therefore, they are eager to know what is the best course action to treat GFR 34 and Creatinine 2.06....more

How Can Excrete Excess Water Deposited in Kidney after Kidney Transplant

Generally, patients may consider kidney transplant a permanent cure for kidney failure patients. However, patients still suffer from kidney disease problems after kidney transplant, which threats patients life at large degree. Therefore, patients are eage...more

How Can I Recive Natural Treatments with Creatinine 3.5

Creatinine 3.5 refers to that your illness condition is already progressed into stage 3 kidney failure in which patients are required to receive treatments as soon as possible to prevent further damage, otherwise, illness condition would be deteriorated i...more

What Does GFR 2 Mean for Kidney Failure Patients

Once patients are diagnosed with kidney failure, their GFR would keep deteriorating, which shows that their kidney function is becoming less and less. If effective measures has not taken, patents life expectancy would be threatened severely. Do you still...more

Is There Anything to Do to Stop Stage 3 Kidney Failure Deteriorating Further

Clinically, stage 3 kidney failure is the key stage of renal disease, it means that patients need to receive treatments as soon as possible to prevent further damage, otherwise, your illness would be deteriorated into stage 4 kidney or even stage 5 kidney...more

How to Manage Creatinine 621 in Dialysis Patients

In fact, dialysis is a treatment to help patients reduce high creatinine level, but, several patients experience even higher creatinine level after dialysis, why does this happen? Is there anything we can do to manage creatinine 621 in dialysis patien...more

What is the Best and Safest Procedure for Stage 4 Kidney Failure

If patients have stage 4 kidney failure, they may be recommended dialysis or kidney transplant to help patients prolong the life expectancy. But, dialysis and kidney transplant are not the best treatment for stage 4 kidney failure patients. Therefore, wha...more

How Can Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy Reduces Creatinine 6 with IgA Nephropathy

IgA Nephropathy is a illness condition in which too many IgA proteins build up into patients body, as a result, kidney function is damaged seriously, leading to high creatinine level directly. Now, patients are wondering that how can Micro-Chinese Medicin...more

Is There Some Treatment He Can Take to Stop Dialysis with Creatinine 17.9

Dialysis should be used in patients with high creatinine level to help patients alleviate some poisoning symptoms as well as avoid complications in advance, but dialysis is not perfect as what patients think. Therefore, patients are eager to know is there...more

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