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Diabetes kidney disease

High Blood Sugar from Diabetes and Kidney Disease

Diabetes is a disease in which insulin is either not produced (type 1) or insulin made by the pancreas is no longer effective (type 2). Glucose enters the blood stream as food is digested. When glucose enters the cells, it fuels them, with the energy they...more

How to Prevent and Slow Diabetes development into Kidney Disease

The connection between diabetes and kidney disease starts when small blood vessels become damaged from diabetes. As a result, they do not clean the blood efficiently and protein and wastes accumulate. Your body also retains more salt and water, causin...more

The Early Warning Signal in Diabetic Nephropathy: Lower Limb Edema

We often heard some diabetes said, they walked more, and the leg is edema until night. In fact, this kind edema probably is cause of Diabetic Nephropathy, but because of there is no obvious discomfort and symptoms, so many diabetes will easily to ignore t...more

Information About Diabetic Nephropathy

In my experience, renal disease develops more often in people who have history disease such as diabetes, hypertension, heart diseases, infections. Diabetes and hypertension will cause large amount of glycosylated substance and lipid toxic things deposited...more

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