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Conventional and Alternative Treatments for Nephrotic Syndrome

2017-10-27 18:26

Conventional and Alternative Treatment for Nephrotic Syndrome Although nephrotic syndrome can occur at any age, its incidence in children is higher than in adults. Treatments for nephrotic syndrome usually change from person to person for different causes. Today, we are here to tell you conventional and alternative treatments for nephrotic syndrome.

Conventional Treatments

If the nephrotic syndrome is due to the disease of minimal change (DCM), a part of the patients can obtain spontaneous remission. In most cases, patients still need to take medical treatments. First, let's introduce conventional treatments for this kidney disease.

- Food therapy: To help relieve obvious proteinuria, patients need to take high quality protein, but the total amount should be limited. Generally, 0.8 g / kg of protein intake or a little more than one per day is recommended. To maintain fluid and sodium balance, fluid and sodium intake should be restricted.

- Diuretics and reduce proteinuria: Diuretics are intended to decrease swelling and maintain fluid and sodium balance by increasing urine production. Potassium diuretics, loop diuretics, osmotic diuretics, etc., are common diuretics. To reduce proteinuria, ACEIs and ARBs are commonly used that are also the first choice for patients with kidney disease to decrease hypertension.

- Corticosteroids, cytotoxic drugs and immunosuppressants: These drugs are used to control the nephrotic syndrome and slow its progression, but they have many side effects. In addition, with these medications, patients are more likely to experience recurrence of the nephrotic syndrome.

Alternative Treatments

In recent years, many kidney experts work together and hope to create some alternative treatments. Fortunately, they do. Immunotherapy and Micro-Medicine China osmo therapy are formed to treat kidney disease as an alternative to previous methods.

Compared to conventional therapies, these two treatments focus on repairing damaged kidney filters, known as glomeruli. Only if the diseased glomerulus returns to normal, can patients' disease be reversed from the root. However, not all patients can use these treatments. Therefore, we suggest you learn more about them by sending an email to enfermedad-renal@hotmail.com or leave the message below, you can also consult the doctor online or at whatsapp +8615732170898 directly, we can help you with everything possible.

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