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Diabetes kidney disease
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Immunotherapy for Diabetic Nephropathy

2014-09-07 18:23

Long-term diabetes is a vital cause for diabetic nephropathy.Most diabtes patients suffer from unstable blood sugar.However,unstable blood sugar leads to dysfunctional immune system.The dysfunctional immune system becomes the root reasons for diabetic nephropathy.

In order to regulate dysfunctional immune system,Immunotherapy is suggested for diabetic nephropathy patients. What is Immunotherapy?How does immunotherapy work on diabetic nephropathy?

What is Immunotherapy?

Immunotherapy has six steps:Immune diagnosis,Immune blocking,Immune clearance,Immune tolerance,Immune regulation and Immune protection.

Immunotherapy focuses on treating diabetic nephropathy by regulating dysfunctional immune sysmtem,stopping renal damage,protecting healthy cells and tissues in kidney,and impoving renal functions to some certain degree in the end.

How does Immunotherapy work on Diabetic Nephropathy?

As our life quality is improved day by day,many patients suffer from diabetes and diabetic nephropathy.Treatment for diabetic nephropathy patients becomes focus.In the following passage,you will have a good knowledge of the functions of immunotherapy on diabetic nephropathy.

1.Immune Diagnosis

Treating diabetic nephropathy means researching the root causes in the first place.Our specilized immune diagnosis test will be applied to find the accurate location of dysfunctional immune system.

2.Immune Blocking

Diabetic nephropathy patients have abnormal immune system.The abnormal immune system usually produce immune complex that leads to the inflammation response in the kidney.The inflammation response influence kidney functions badly.Immune blocking is necessary so as to creating better environment for self-recovery and self-regenation.

3.Immune Clearance

Some immune complex have already formed.In order to stopping consistent damage to kidney,we need to remove immune complex initially.

4.Immune Tolerance

Nothing can regulate functional immune system suddenly so we need time.During this time,relieving continuous renal damage is a necessity so that we apply some medicines to reduce inflammation response.

5.Immune regulation and Immune protection

Chinese medicines will be given in different ways to help diabetic nephropathy patient regulate dysfunctional immune system.

When the dysfunctional immune system become normal,Chinese medicines will help patients to protect it.

Many Diabetic Nephropathy patients get benefits from Immunotherapy like lowering high creatinine level,relieving complications and so on.

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