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What is the Best Treatment for Creatinine 3.5 with FSGS

2017-01-25 16:26

High creatinine level is commonly experienced in kidney failure patients, besides, patients also suffer from various poisoning symptoms and complications along with high creatinine level. Thereby, they are wondering that what is the best treatment for creatinine 3.5 with FSGS?

Before taking treatments to reduce creatinine 3.5 with FSGS, you need to make it clear that why FSGS patients suffer from creatinine 3.5 ?

FSGS, Focal Segmental Glomerular Sclerosis, is characterized a condition in which several glomeruli in the kidney are damaged and only a part of glomeruli is involved in. Since the glomeruli is scarred, the kidney begin to lose its ability to excrete wastes products and toxins. As a result, high creatinine level occurs. In very general terms, patients with creatinine 3.5 is are at stage 3 kidney failure which is the key stage of renal disease. And they need to try their best to slow down illness progression and prevent further damage as much as possible. If they receive treatment in time, it would be easy for them to keep away from dialysis and kidney transplant. Besides, if they do not receive treatments in time, illness condition would be progressed sharply and they will progress into stage 4 kidney failure or stage 5 kidney failure.

What are the treatments for creatinine 3.5 with FSGS ?

Diuretics are commonly used method for patients to eliminate various toxins and wastes products out of body. But, diuretics just can eliminate reduce high creatinine level fundamentally. What is worse, dialysis would be suggested for patients to eliminate various toxins and wastes products out of body, so as to reduce high creatinine level. However, dialysis often makes patients suffer from various adverse effects.

In Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital, a natural treatment called Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is often suggested for patients to reduce high creatinine level, because this treatment mainly works to improve kidney function. With the improvement of kidney function, the elevated creatinine level would be reduced naturally and fundamentally. This treatment has been proved to be very effective in helping patients reduce high creatinine level.

Are you suffering from creatinine 3.5? Do you want to know more details about how natural treatment help FSGS patients reduce creatinne 3.5? Please send your present condition and phone number to kidneyhospital-china@hotmail.com. We will try our best to help you.

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